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About Jim Reincke Voice Over Artist


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Jim Reincke is represented by MAM Talent Agency in th Pacific Northwest.
Jim Reincke, Vocal Visionary
Jim is represented in Spokane, Seattle, and Portland by
MAM Talent Agency representing Jim Reincke in the Pacific Northwest

Jim Reincke, Actor & Voice-Over Artist

After landing his first radio show in 1988, Jim was forever bitten by the voice bug. Since then, Jim's vocal expression has been heard on 2 Continents and in 49 U.S. States.

Often described as the Happy-Go-Lucky and Lovable, Yet Sharp-Witted Everyday Guy, Jim is the consummate "Friendly Guy" when it comes to representing your brand with All-American Midwestern Tone and Charm.
Though his authoritative, yet supportive, "Fatherly" voice has been honed by experience, just ask his bride of 25+ years or any of their 4 kids.


It's Jim's warm, personable, and witty personality that has helped propel him into the hearts of literally tens of thousands social media followers and in life, but it's his vocal inflections and expressions that has propelled his vocal authority internationally.

Jim's Professional Resume can be found on Casting Networks.

What others have said...

Arthur Shaw

Prime Trade Northwest

"I've known Jim for a couple of
 years now. He's consistent, on
 time, and he makes me laugh."
Jake Reed

Butler, Robinson & Associates, P.S. CPAs

"I’ve been impressed by how dynamic he [Jim] is and by the array of characters he can do at a moment’s notice.  I’m excited and a little bit scared to think of what he can do when he actually has time to prepare!”
Debbie Yuss

Vanderbilt Bone & Joint Royal Oaks

“Jim will be very attentive to
  your needs!!! Use him!!!”
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